This book outlines some general tips and advice on caring for your skin, along with facts about new technologies and a few inside secrets that will potentially

save you thousands of dollars if you read every chapter carefully.

The emphasis is not placed on one single organ, but rather on a more holistic perspective. I have compiled this book using years of my practical and academic experience in the skin care industry to provide readers with a simple, useful and practical guide towards maintaining healthy and vibrant skin – naturally and non-invasively. All these tips do not serve as a substitute for treating skin disorders; they are general guidelines for helping readers in their personal journey towards wellness, youthfulness and joyfulness.

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For added reading pleasure, I have included a bonus chapter where I have devised some unique nature-based recipes inspired by Eastern civilizations that have stood the test of time.

Also enjoy the images and illustrations within this book that are all part of the learning experience.

The stunning cover for this unique book was designed by Wandering Mist.

Peace and Good Health,
Dr.Ansul , Founder of Cuticonscious™ – USA & Canada

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