CBD Infused Green Brand Launched

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The Cuticonscious Magic Touch

This unique botanically-driven brand uses high percentages of CBD oil infused with skin-loving ingredients created using green chemistry in zero carbon emission labs. A complex and holistic project successfully executed by our CEO & Founder Dr.Ansul Khan who offered unparalleled educational & manufacturing support from inception to completion.


Lead strategy, scientific formulation, manufacturing, marketing and commercialization advisor to management and board of governance. Responsible for delivering a product range that invigorates consumer demand, differentiates brand with a formidable consumer value proposition. Integrated world class suppliers with cutting edge manufacturing and empowered the brand to focus on global commercialization.

R&D & Project Management

Brought years of core scientific expertise in devising and testing formulations to the team, steered the brand in articulating concept brief-to-production journey while optimizing resource consumption and managed the E2E project connecting the entire project ecosystem.

Product Marketing

Our one-window expertise provided convenience and enabled our client to benefit from our concept-to-reality conversion cycle where we delivered rich and detailed brand collateral that exceeded management expectations.

Product Protocols

How and when to use the products, precautions, advice.

Commercialization Support

Brand ambassadors were successfully recruited who went viral with high efficacy, result oriented value proposition that has exceeded initial quarter sales forecast.

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