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A recent study conducted by the University of Ottawa concluded that it’s never too late to exercise, regardless of your age or the intensity level of physical activity. Exercise should not be considered a monotonous routine, but rather, a smarter way of living that will reward you with multiple benefits throughout the years.
Premature skin aging, sagging skin, a lack lustre complexion, dark circles, unhealthy dry skin, lifeless hair and frequent acne breakouts are all tell-tale signs of a sluggish blood and lymphatic circulation that has resulted from an inactive or sedentary lifestyle.

Regular exercise (30 minutes a day, 3-5 times week) is an important factor in avoiding chronic diseases with the added bonus of achieving radiant skin naturally.


So let’s join the healthy skin movement by including physical activity in your life.


Let’s talk science.

What really happens when you exercise ?

Beyond the pounding heart and the pumping lungs, there is a lot of activity that happens behind the scenes in your body, especially the muscles, lungs, heart and the brain when you exercise.

  • When you are on the move, adrenalin is released and the body makes use of stored glucose and ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate- the battery of every cell in our body) for energy. Muscles cannot contract without ATP and ATP cannot work without oxygen.
  • Here is where your breathing rate goes up and you start inhaling 15 times more oxygen so that your muscles are bathed in an O2 rich environment.
  • Your heart rate goes up. A faster heart rate means optimal blood delivery to the muscles in motion.
  • Endorphins (happy brain chemicals) get released that accentuates the feel-good factor.
  • The more you exercise, more heat is produced that makes the blood vessels in the skin dilate, facilitating blood flow to the skin and giving that beautiful ‘au naturel blush’, that no amount of artificial make-up can ever achieve.
  • The sweat glands work overtime and toxins, debris, clogged pores, unwanted bacteria gets flushed out, revealing healthier, clearer, purer skin that will glow naturally. Over time you will experience less acne breakouts and good shine control.

Reap the Benefits – Fast Facts !

  • Acne-Busting work-outs : Physical activity increases blood circulation that encourages the removal of toxins and harmful metabolites that are trapped in the pores.
  • The Feel-Good Factor : Exercise releases endorphins- the “cloud nine” hormones that reduce stress levels by controlling cortisol secretion. Stress aggravates existing skin conditions and can lead to unhealthy skin with lowered immunity.
  • Oxygen the Elixir : Aerobics makes the blood vessels dilate that in turn leads to more oxygenated blood flow to the skin, saturating all the layers of the skin with a heavy dose of 02 and nutrients.
  • The Collagen Code : Collagen, an abundant dermal protein that is the key factor in keeping the skin looking youthful and smooth, diminishes with age. Exercise will activate natural collagen remodelling, which translates into smooth, wrinkle-free skin.
  • Sleeping Beauty : Regular exercise induces healthy sleep patterns. Skin cells go into recovery mode at night and good sleep means everlasting beauty as the cells have had sufficient time to rejuvenate, regenerate and repair.
  • Just Say Yo for Yoga : Yoga asanas can help you achieve glowing skin through various physiological pathways.
  • Sweat it Out : Trapped dirt, grime and toxins get flushed after an intensive workout. As toxins, dirt, debris and bacteria are bidding farewell, a clean and clear complexion is saying hello.

The Miracle Mile Cure

Regular physical activity will not only decrease the risk of life threatening chronic illnesses but allow you to attain gorgeous healthy skin by activating innate bio-physiological processes that occur every time you exercise.


While a well-rounded fitness program has wide ranging benefits on your skin, body and overall wellness, do ensure that you follow healthy eating habits and take enough fluids and sleep. Don’t forget the sunscreen on your outdoor jogs.


You will be well on your way to saying adios to those creams and potions and turning back the clock to the very best version of you through the simple inclusion of your favourite exercise.

Now wasn’t that worth the extra mile ?

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