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Cleanse face using a mild anti-septic, low irritant alcohol-free cleanser that your doctor will prescribe. If you are unable to see your doc, try Avene or Cetaphil, Neutrogena or Bioderm Micellar cleansers. Mild BHA cleansers will help control oil and decongest the hair follicle. Paula’s Choice and COSRX


Apply retinol based serum preferably with retinaldehyde (retinal- cosmetic retinol) at night. Benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel or 10%- 15% Azelaic Acid (Ordinary or Paula’s Choice) will really help clear up those itchy crops.


Light weight water creams (popularly known as water-drop creams) are ideal. Light water based serums with HY & Honey Propolis are safe to use as well. Do not use pastes, ointments, heavy balms, oils or ester containing creams, or occlusive make-up. Tatcha water cream, and Neutrogena hydra-boost gel will work well to maintain the barrier and not add greasiness or be occlusive.


Use alcohol-free products, do not use harsh OTC products or harsh cosmetic products. The barrier is compromised, be gentle. Adhere to a minimal, simple skincare routine with as few products as possible. No multi-step regime please. It will worsen MF.


Botanicals & Nature- Tea tree, Honey, Cinnamic Acid are very beneficial.


Avoid rigorous scrubbing. It will make matters worse.


Do not share towels.


Keep all beauty and grooming tools clean at all times and don’t share with anyone.


Do NOT SELF TREAT. MF requires professional treatment with anti-fungals. Remember MF is often recurring.


Eat a clean diet that includes probiotics & green tea.


Avoid sauna and hot tubs.

Stay Safe Stay Informed
Dr.Ansul Founder of Cuticonscious
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