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C-star regenerating serum

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The worlds first regenerative retinol mimetic has just been released into the world from Newport Beach, California, USA, October 2021. 

Asterias C-Star Peptide Regenerating Serum™ is healing in a bottle as it aims to reactivate lost youth through it’s deployment of a novel peptide known as C-Star Complex™

that mimics retinol actions. 

Using advanced formulation techniques and minimal clean chemistry, this revolutionary light as air complex will soothe sensitive skin and allow for non-invasive regeneration. 

Cuticonscious played an integral role in the evolution of this novel brand. 

Asterias Regenerating Serum
C-star regenerating serum


Scientific formulation, concept creation, science and marketing content construct and planning. 

R&D & Project Management

Brought years of core scientific expertise in devising and testing formulations with the team, steered the brand in articulating concept brief-to-production journey while optimizing resource consumption and managed the E2E project connecting the entire project ecosystem.

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