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We all panic when we see split ends. Many of us think that split ends are a sign of ill health or poor nutrition. Let’s shed some light on this misunderstood and common hair dilemma, and yes, at CutiConscious™ facts are laid out, and only evidence-based knowledge is dispensed.

What are Split Ends ?

Trichoptilosis is the medical term for spilt ends. It is an actual longitudinal splitting of the hair shaft which is visible to the naked eye on close examination. Often one can notice multiple splits of a single hair shaft. Other microscopic damage of the hair shaft can also be observed.

Why does one get Split Ends ?

Rarely, one can be born with it, but mostly split ends occur as a part of the weathering process, noticed mainly in long hair, or hair that has undergone repeated chemical or physical trauma.Contrary to popular belief that one should brush their hair a 100 times per day with brisk strokes, vigorous harsh brushing of hair can actually induce spilt ends !
Therefore be gentle, and try using a natural bristled hair brush.

How can one get rid of split ends ?

Best thing to do is not to worry. Proper maintenance and nutrition of hair can manage this stubborn issue.

  • Use soft strokes when brushing hair.
  • Use natural bristled hair brushes.
  • NEVER brush your hair when wet.
  • Avoid subjecting your hair to chemicals and dyes. Always try using natural options whenever possible. Chemical trauma is the main trigger, so keep that in mind.
  • Use good quality shampoos and conditioners. Remember many contain a lot of chemicals, so once again natural options are better.
  • I suggest some natural conditioners. Conditioners as the name suggests moisturize hair and also deliver oils, proteins and Vitamins A, E and B, essential for hair health.
  • Natural hair masks: Egg Yolk, Yoghurt & Soy Bean Masks are great. Rinsing your hair with coconut water does wonders.
  • After towel drying your hair, rub in a few drops of each onto the split ends: Olive Oil, Moroccan Oil, and/or Mink Oil or you can use Jojoba Oil as well. Rub gently on the ends of the hair, and wrap your head with a warm towel and relax for 30 minutes, you can also leave this overnight. This will dramatically reduce split ends. Do not shampoo your hair twice, once is enough. Too much shampooing will strip oil from your scalp, remember that your natural scalp oil is essential in keeping those tresses supple, soft and healthy.
  • Try wearing a cap when you go out for a swim in the pool- Chlorine is an irritant and will worsen split ends.
  • Wear a hat with an SPF rating, since UV damage will make your split ends worse. Protect hair from harsh environmental pollutants.
  • Whenever possible avoid over treating your hair, perming, coloring, over-use of curling irons, all add to the weathering process and cause split ends. If these processes are required due to cosmetic reasons, give your hair a few weeks of ‘rest’ and treat with oils.
  • An ancient Ayurvedic and highly effective remedy for split ends that works wonders is mentioned below. Using this combination regularly will strengthen your hair and nourish them at the same time.

Amla Oil (Indian Gooseberry) + Enriched Coconut Oil + Fenugreek Oil + Shikakai Powder

So folks, here are some facts about split ends and hopefully my home care tips should help you in managing this common problem.


Remember, hair dislike chemicals. So be aware, read the labels on the products you use, stay close to nature, and be kind to your hair…they crown your face.


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