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What is beauty ?

Beauty encompasses a universe within it.

There are philosophical aspects, scientific aspects, romantic aspects and then there is the reality aspect.


Poets, writers, scholars, and all minds, small and great spanning centuries have contemplated the meaning of beauty. It is a multi-colored thing. At one moment, it can show you the face of vanity and in another , it can make a poet out of a simple man or woman!


Beauty has evolved throughout the years, taken many forms, shape shifting to reflect the trends, the attitudes, the ages. Despite these shimmering ever changing robes, one factor remains constant.

The quest for it.

We all want to look and feel beautiful. Whatever race, culture or belief system we belong to, we are constantly trying to attain that higher plane of loveliness. We can deny it all we want, but something deep within us wants us to look and feel beautiful.

Why is that, what is the anatomy of beauty ?

The universe is magnificent, awe inspiring, stunning. If you look at an electron microscopic photograph of a cell, the complex structure will astound you. If you gaze at the milky way on a clear desert night sky, it will take your breath away. Life, a gift in itself, is unimaginably beautiful, if we want it to be.


Every human being, every creature, everything visible and invisible is trying to vibe with the power of beauty.

We all have various theories about this, but absolute beauty however mysterious in its unattainability, is definitely attainable.


Here, we talk about skin care. This is not a lesson in philosophy. The basic aspect of beauty is the physical attainability of it, or maintenance of it.

What can we do ?

We can take care of it.


Everything we do, say, or practice becomes intricately meshed into this process. It is a highly honest medium, one that does not lie and does not wait.


It is also a delicate, highly organized and sensitive organ that can actually reflect your lifestyle, your choices, your mental state and your outlook towards life.


Now, I have heard many say that they never take care of their skin and it was the last thing that ever crossed their mind, or maybe they do not have time, or they do not want to be perceived as vain by others.


I tell them this. Every moment of every hour, your skin constantly protects you from the harmful elements of the environment, and keeps a close eye on what’s happening inside your body, sending you warning signals if something goes wrong. It is your first line of defense.


It is highly vigilant.

Don’t you think that kind of devotion needs to be rewarded ?

Now we are back to the beginning.


Beauty is a multi-faceted thing. Your inner beauty will shine through, but your outer beauty is the one that takes the toll of life and reflects the choices you make throughout your life, like diet, exercise, your outlook towards life itself.


In a world where pollution and stress are at a toxic level, our skin, just like any other organ of our body, feels this stress, feels the inner and outer pollution, and just like any other organ of our body, can shut down.


This is why it is essential to realize the importance of skin care and skin wellness.


Use good quality pure products, drink plenty of water, harbor good thoughts and be nutritionally wise.


Harmonize that inner beauty with your outer mantle. It takes some work, but don’t you deserve it?


Be proud of being beautiful both in the physical and spiritual realms of existence!

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