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Expert Tips For Maintaining Flawless Skin Throughout The Holidays

Get Moving

A recent study at McMaster University in Canada demonstrated that regular exercise can help you maintain youthful looks and might possibly delay skin senescence. Despite your busy holiday schedule and late nights, don’t forget to squeeze in those Pilates, Yoga sessions, or rigorous walks in the great outdoors, it will surely keep your skin radiant and overall health in ship shape, prepped for the days ahead.

Nothing Fishy About it!

Aim for a balanced diet of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (a ratio of 4:1 is optimal). Fish oils rich in EPA and DHA inhibit the production of inflammatory metabolites and slow down skin aging. Clinical studies reveal that a healthy and balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids will reduce the signs of aging and chronic sun damage by biochemically protecting the skin from oxidative stress. Therefore, be sure not to skip your intake of fish oils and keep your skin glowing internally.


  • R- Relax, meditate, and engage in hobbies that calm you down. Umpteen studies and clinical observations throughout the years have shown the adverse effects stress can have on the health of your skin.
  • E- Exfoliate and massage. Chemical or mechanical exfoliation along with a facial massage will reveal supernaturally glowing skin. Superficial dead cells, dirt, debris and excess oil all create a dull lusterless complexion. Exfoliation will remove dead cells and excess oil, and massage improves micro-circulation and promotes lymph drainage. Ask your skin care expert for a ‘holiday’ facial and you will notice the difference in just a few sessions.
  • S- Sleep. A simple yet highly effective tip. Sleep can do wonders for your skin. A good night’s rest will rejuvenate and heal your skin like nothing else.
  • T- Tea. Drink herbal tea. Lavender and Chamomile will sooth and relax. Fermented green tea and Oolong tea contain tons of polyphenols that will reduce inflammation, battle oxidative stress and promote healing of your skin at the cellular level. Avoid soda drinks, and other beverages containing sugars and alcohol and stick to herbal concoctions that will detoxify and illuminate your system.

Orange is the New Black

Eat a well-balanced, multi-colored, anti-inflammatory, multivitamin and mineral rich diet. The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is certainly accurate when it comes to skin appearance and health. Go ahead and make a power packed smoothie if you don’t have time to prepare a fruit or salad platter. Berries, citrus fruits, red and black grapes are top on the skin loving fruit list.

Fast Track

If you wish to achieve that gorgeous glow that will turn heads this holiday season, and you want it fast, why not get a head start? Ask your cosmetologist to design a ‘holiday’ package for you. It may include LED or IPL sessions, Radio frequency and Microdermabrasion. It’s best to stick to more non-invasive procedures during the holiday season, just to be on the safe side, as more invasive procedures do carry risk.


Increasing the moisture level of your skin both internally and externally will preserve skin turgor and luminosity. Lack of skin moisture can lead to a lack luster complexion and dark circles. Apply a good quality facial moisturizer AM and PM and drink plenty of water.

Action Serums

Apply a serum rich in vitamin C, AHA’s and Retinol at night. This combo will take years off your skin whilst you sleep by promoting cellular renewal, inducing collagen production and revealing a new layer of fresh glowing skin.


All these tried, tested, and scientifically proven tips will ensure a stunning complexion throughout the holiday season.

Hey, don’t forget to smile, maintain inner peace and laugh- laughter is truly the best medicine!

Dr.Ansul Founder of Cuticonscious
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